Podcast Production For Busy Experts

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Leverage your expertise to grow your personal brand professionally in less than an hour per week.

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Do You Struggle Finding Time To Grow Your Brand?

Is it hard to get traffic to your website?

Are you tired of trying to come up with blog topics?

Have you given up on Instagram and Facebook?

Do you get annoyed when unqualified individuals give out "advice" in your industry?

Would you like to get more speaking engagements?

Do you have knowledge to share with the world?

Do you already have a podcast but don't have the time to produce it professionally?

We can do it for you! Schedule a call and let's talk about it.

We Produce Podcasts For:


Share your expertise, build your brand and reach a wider audience with your own podcast.

We take care of everything from panning to production to marketing.

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

Running a profitable practice is neither a matter of luck or relentless effort. It's just a combination of the right strategies and the proper guidance to execute them consistently.

Thought Leaders

Learn what the most successful practice owners do to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Do it all at your own pace, but with access to your instructors and peers.

Looking for something different?

We got ya!

Just click on the button below to get in touch and tell us what you're looking for!

Rather talk?

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Want to do it yourself?

Download the checklist to help you cover all your bases when planning, producing, and launching your podcast

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Why Podcasting?

Besides the obvious simplicity of podcasting when compared to creating video or writing, most of our clients do it for the following reasons:

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Create in YOUR Time

You can create when you have the time to do so. At home, in your office, a hotel room… You choose.

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Repurpose Your Episodes

Every episode can be turned into blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, email newsletters, even into a book!

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Improve Your SEO

We transcribe your episodes and optimize your keywords for greater exposure and better rankings.

But don't just take OUR word for it…

Gary Testimonial Round

Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO VaynerMedia

"…[building a brand] comes down to buying underpriced attention… Underpriced attention is podcasting."

Kate Testimonial Round

Kate Erickson
Entrepreneurs On Fire

"A podcast can help you grow your audience. And the best part: [it] gives you the opportunity to create an intimate relationship with them: one where they get to know, like and trust you."

Seth Testimonial Round

Seth Godin
Best-Selling Marketing Expert

"[Podcasting] creates an asset. One that people can engage with for years to come."

How Does It Work?

The process could not be simpler:

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You Choose Your Podcast

Choose the type of podcast that best adapts to your goals and the time you have available.

produce doodle

We Produce It

You give us the guidelines (and the audio!) and we produce your entire podcast.

From idea to a finished asset.

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Your Brand Grows

You have an evergreen podcast -an asset- that is constantly nurturing your brand and elevating your authority.

Every episode we produce includes:

Entire audio production

Minimize echoing

Removal of ahs, uhms, etc…

Volume leveling

Insert intro/outro music

ID3 tags encoded in MP3 file

MP3 file uploaded and scheduled in hosting platform

Automatic episode transcription

Basic graphic assets

Audiograph video

Promo clip for social media

Basic show notes

And basically, whatever the heck comes up with your podcast!

Is Having a Podcast Right For YOU?

Have you ever wished your clients were getting educated by someone who actually is an expert in your field?

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise with your clients and other people?

Are you willing to invest (time and money) in building this platform for yourself and your business?

Did you answer YES to all three?
Then we might be perfect for each other. Apply now.

When Is Having a Podcast Not a Good Idea?

Just like every other way of growing a personal brand, podcasting is not for everyone.

We've learned that most entrepreneurs who don't benefit from having a podcast share the following traits:

They don't understand the long-game nature of podcasting and get discouraged shortly afterwards.

They expect thousands of listeners simply because they have a podcast.

They expect their podcast to generate revenue after just a few episodes.

They think podcasting is just about recording themselves "rambling on" about a specific topic.

They are wary of trying things other than what the've done in the past.

They are too worried about what their peers will think.

Take The Next Step

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Here's What Happens After You Apply

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    Application & Discovery

    Due to the nature and thoroughness of our service, we have a hard limit in the number of clients we can work with. This application and discovery call process is what enables us to guarantee a successful outcome for you and us.

  • 2

    Brand & Strategy Session

    Podcasting is much more than simply choosing a name, recording yourself and hitting publish. Especially if you want it to have an impact in your listeners and your personal brand.

    If we produce your podcast, we will take the time to get to know you and your business, your ideal clients and the type of people you want to educate. 

    Based on this we will create a brand and a marketing strategy for your podcast.

  • 3

    Become the Go-To Expert In Your Field

    A successful -and well produced!- podcast not only helps you grow your business, but it also opens the door for speaking engagements, book deals, sponsorships and all sorts of endorsement deals.

    All you need to do is bring in your knowledge and personality and our team will do the rest. From finding guests for your show, to producing each episode, fixing the audio, sharing to social media and even building you an email list and marketing strategy.