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Stop pandering to the algorithm! 
You are an expert in your field.

You want to get your message out there to help more people but you just can't be bothered with the ever-changing rules on Instagram or TikTok.

Stop trying to communicate your expertise with 20 second reels. Say goodbye to trying to decipher what an "attention-grabbing hook" is, and instead leverage a medium that is 
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Why Podcasting?
Besides the obvious simplicity of podcasting when compared to creating video, most of our clients do it for the following reasons:
Create in YOUR Time
You can create when you have the time to do so. At home, in your office, a hotel room…
You choose.

Repurpose Your Episodes
Every episode can be turned into blog posts, social media posts, YouTube videos, email newsletters, even into a book!
Improve Your SEO
We transcribe your episodes and optimize your keywords for greater exposure and better rankings.
But don't just take OUR word for it…
Kate Erickson
Entrepreneurs On Fire
"A podcast can help you grow your audience. And the best part: [it] gives you the opportunity to create an intimate relationship with them: one where they get to know, like and trust you."
How Does It Work?
The process could not be simpler:
Define Your Strategy
We get on a call and help you choose the type of podcast that best adapts to your goals and time availability.
We Produce It
You record the audio and we produce your entire podcast.

From idea to a finished asset.
Your Brand Grows
You have an evergreen podcast -an asset- that is constantly nurturing your brand and elevating your authority.
Is Having a Podcast Right For You?
Have you ever wished your clients were getting their information from someone who actually was an expert in the field?
Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and expertise with your clients and other people?
Are you willing to invest (time and money) in building this platform for yourself and your business?
Did you answer YES to all three?
Then we might be perfect for each other.

When Is Launching A Podcast Not A Great Idea?
Just like every other way of growing a personal brand, podcasting is not for everyone.

We've learned that most experts who don't benefit from having a podcast share the following traits:

They don't understand the long-game nature of podcasting and get discouraged shortly after launching.
They expect thousands of listeners simply because they have a podcast.
They expect their podcast to generate revenue too soon.
They think podcasting is just about recording themselves "rambling on" about their field without an outline or guidelines.
They are wary of trying different things to what they've done in the past.
They are too worried about what their peers will think.
If you found yourself agreeing with more than one of these, then launching your own podcast might not be the best idea…

But you can still leverage podcasting to your advantage. Click here to learn how.

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Here's What Happens After You Enter Your Email In The Form Above
Application & Discovery 
Due to the nature and thoroughness of our service, we have a hard limit in the number of clients we can work with.

This application and discovery process is what enables us to guarantee a successful outcome for you and us.
Brand & Strategy Session 
Podcasting is much more than simply choosing a name, recording yourself and hitting publish. Specially if you want to have an impact in your listeners and your personal brand.

If we produce your podcast, we will take the time to get to know you and your business, your ideal clients and the type of people you want to educate.

Based on this we will create a brand and marketing strategy for your podcast.
Become the Go-To Expert In Your Field 
A successful –and well produced!– podcast not only helps you grow your practice, but it also opens the door for speaking engagements, book deals, sponsorships and all sorts of endorsement deals.

All you need to do is bring in your knowledge and personality and our team will do the rest. From finding guests for your show, to producing each episode, fixing the audio, sharing to social media, and even building you an email list and marketing strategy.
Either You Make Your Investment Back In New Business Or We'll Refund You The Difference!
My team and I are happy to stand behind the results that podcasting can and will get you if you do it our way: consistently and professionally.

And so, if after 12 months of working together, and following our recommendations to create, grow and market your podcast, you have not made at least your yearly investment in new business, we'll refund you the difference.

But there's a catch…
This is not a "buyer's remorse" guarantee. This is a RESULTS guarantee.
Which means it only applies if you do your part which is to record the episodes we agree upon, send us the recordings in time and promote them with your audience following our recommendations.

Fair enough?

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Frequent Questions
My clients don't listen to podcasts 
If you've never listened to a podcast, you're now in the minority. More than 68% of Americans report having listened to a podcast in the last 12 months.

So don't be too quick to assume that your clients don't listen to them.

Also, the whole point of embracing podcasting is to grow your brand, your reach and your authority. Your clients already know, like and trust you. And so a podcast is a way for you to reach those who are not yet your clients.
I don't understand how a podcast is going to benefit my brand and business. 
You're not alone. This is one of the most common questions we get about podcasting as a subject-matter expert.

The simple answer is, like Seth Godin says, "a podcast is an asset, that people can engage with for years to come". Much like a book.

But unlike a book, a podcast can be distributed to a wider audience, who don't have to pay for it (lower barrier of entry) and who can listen to it while doing other things - like driving, cooking, working out.
I'm pretty sure I can do this on my own… 
I'm pretty sure you can!

Podcasting is not hard. It's just time consuming.  Specially launching one.

There are several steps involved that take time to learn and navigate. And frankly, you probably have better things to do with your time than to learn the quirks of Apple Podcasts's platform…

Most of our clients had tried to launch their podcast on their own but found it too confusing and time consuming, so they never went through with it.

I'd hate for that to be you. We'll handle the quirks and the tech, while you take care of delivering knowledge.
But wait… How does a podcast make money? 
It does not. At least not directly. And certainly not at first.

I mean… Unless you're already a celebrity who has a 6 month waiting list and an offer for your own reality show… And in that case, you probably already have a podcast!

But for the rest of us, podcasting is a tool for you and your business. Think of it as a business card. An interactive business card.

One where people can learn about you, get to know, like and trust you, and recommend you to more people.

Then, as your listenership grows, so will your authority and you'll be able to book more business, raise your prices, get more speaking engagements, and maybe even directly monetize your podcast through sponsorships and affiliate marketing.
How long does it take for a podcast to make money? 
If your goal is to monetize your podcast either by getting sponsors and/or by selling your products on it, you'll have to work really hard in creating good content, and marketing it correctly.

We can help you with both of those things but you should know that it typically takes 18 - 24+ months before you start seeing results in this area.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to grow your brand and authority by podcasting, then you will be able to see the results of that much sooner.

We recommend a minimum of 6 months and a clear, purposeful strategy to achieve this.

Also, see the previous question.
It all sounds great but, how much is it? 
You'll need to schedule a call and sit through a sales pitch before I tell you…


We have a single, all-inclusive package that is $2,900 USD per month on a yearly contract. This includes everything listed on this page, and then some.
Who owns the rights to my podcast? 
You do! 100%

You own everything we produce for you. Entirely and without restrictions.

That includes the audio but also the graphic assets, names, taglines, intros, outros, accounts, etc… It's all yours.

In fact, when registering your podcast and creating new accounts, everything is created under your name (or your company's) and you will have login credentials to everything from the start.
What happens if I want to stop working with you? 
We'll be heartbroken…

But it's entirely up to you. You have full rights and complete ownership of everything we've produced for you.

Want to take your podcast elsewhere? Let us know and we'll even transfer the files for you.

Keep in mind though, our month-to-month plan has a 6-month minimum and requires a 30 day notice before cancellation. 

Oh, and services you've paid for are non-refundable.
Is there anyone I can talk to about this? 

Just go ahead and schedule a call here.
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